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Spray Tanning Tips


Before Your Spray Tan Appointment...

1. Before your next spray tan appointment, be sure to SHAVE, SHOWER,  EXFOLIATE and try to use products that are oil free!. The pigment of the tanning solution won't adhere quite as smoothly and properly if you don't remove as much of that dry flaky skin as possible. So, let's help prevent those ugly streaks by grabbing your handy dandy body scrub and putting it to use!

2. Here's a fun tanning tip - Having that clear coat of nail polish on your nails when going in to the tanning booth will actually help protect them from the spray tan. When the tanning session is over, your nails will be wiped off. So, if you did just get your nails "did", you'll be fine.

3. Most people prefer to wear their birthday suit to avoid tan lines when getting spray tanned (nude spray tan), but if that's not your thing, no worries! What you can do is wear lose fitting clothes or your bathing suit, but make sure that what ever you plan on wearing, try and wear something old you wouldn't mind ruining. Some fabrics can and will be stained by the tan solution.

4. Before your tan, we also recommend that you apply a barrier cream to the areas of your body which are naturally a bit drier. Some of these areas would include your knees, elbows, and ankles.  Why use barrier cream before your spray tan? The reason for this is because these particular areas on your body will usually absorb more of the solutions pigment. So, to help prevent those body parts from getting too dark, remember to apply that barrier cream!

After Your Spray Tan Appointment...

1. This might sound silly to some, but try and make sure you prevent yourself from getting wet for a least 1 to 2 hours after your spray tan


2. We recommend waiting at least 12 hours to participate in any activities that would cause you to perspire (sweat) excessively. Yes ladies, don't get a spray tan and immeditaely dance the night away


3. Even if after a few hours you're able to wash off your tan, you should stay away from activities that would exfoliate your skin naturally. Some of these things would include, but are not limited to swimming in pools with chlorine and or baths.


4. Use an extender if you're planning on going on vacation and know you're not going to be able to help yourself from getting in to that awesome pool at the resort. It'll extend your tan to make it last longer and also keep your moisturised.

5. For all you workout enthusiasts, if you have to get those squats in, we say there's two things you can do. 1. Get your workout in and shower before we come see you. Try and plan out your squat, run, or yoga sessions around your spray tan appointment. or 2.  Wait until your spray tan has finished settling then hit the gym. Wait!

6. Just so ya'll know, in the tanning process, your tan color will continue to develop over a period of about 12 hours. This means that when you shower, don't flip out! You'll notice coloring of the water, but don't worry. It's not your tan leaving you, it should just be the excess bronzer being washed off. Remember, even if it seems like your tan color is fading or disappearing, it's not. Just give it time ;)

7. When you do shower, we recommend showering only with warm and NOT hot water. If you can, shower without the use of soaps. Don't forget to use a good exfoliation towel or mitts.

8. Once you've showered, make sure that when you're drying yourself, you don't rub too hard with your towel. We would just recommend you pat your skin gently or even let yourself air dry if you're patient enough.

9. We looove smelling good, but for now try and wait until your spray tan has been washed off to apply any perfume or even moisturizer.

10. The best way to make your spray tan last is by keeping your pretty skin as moisturized as possible. This is of course assuming you've washed off. We don't want patches wearing off due to dry skin. Stay moist! How do you extend your tan? By using an extender daily, it should help you keep that pretty tan longer.


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1. It's my first time getting a spray tan, what do I do?


- Great question! Congrats on joining the spray tan community, you'll be glad you did. It's much safer than getting by UV Rays that have been proven to be dangerous. A check out our Before Your Spray Tan Appointment tips - Bust some quick basic tips would be Shave, Shower, Exfoliate, and don't wear deodorant before your tanning appointment.


2. So, how does this whole mobile spray tan thing work?


- It's awesome! Quite literally, we're mobile so, we come to you! Your office, home, gym, hotel, or any other place you might be. Is easy and convenient for anyone who's on the go or prefers being tanned in the privacy of their own home. Once we get to where you are, we'll set up our portable tent, it's where the magic happens. We then will continue to spray your body with our tanning solution. Be ready, the solution can be kind of cold at times, but it's not that bad.


3. What kind of tanning solution do you use? 


- We use an organic DHA (DiHydroxyAcetone) Eco-Cert Certified Paraben Free Solution that dries oderless and leave no orange hue. It' water based so, it won't clog any pores. Once you receive a spray tan using our solution, your color will fade evenly with no scaly fading to worry about. It's also Vegan, P.E.T.A approved and made in the good old U.S.A.

4. What is DHA?


- DHA is short for DiHydroxyAcetone, pretty much sugar without color that reacts to the amino acids on your skin (top layer). Your skin turns a natural bronze color with golden brown because of it and leaves your looking like you got a natural tan.

5. Can I wear makeup? 


- If you wear makeup while you tan it'll act as a barrier to the spray tan solution. For the best results either show up with no makeup or remove it with face wipes upon arrival.

6. Do I have to get a nude tan?


- lol We get this question a lot! The answer is no. You don't have to. You can wear a bathing suit or a thong, people who don't want any tan lines go full nude. It's completely up to you! You should however remove any jewelry you might wear normally.

7. Will my hair get tanned?


- We provide a hair net to protect your beautiful locks from getting spray tanned.

8. Do I have to wear sandals?


- Wearing sandals or "Sticky Feet" will help protect your soles from getting stained by your spray tan.

9. How dark should my spray tan be?


- It all depends on the look you're going for and or the occasion. If you have an event coming up soon, it's probably better to go lighter so that your spray tan looks as natural as possible. If you're going on a 2 week vacation, we should probably try going a little darker so that it lasts longer.

10. What should I expect when spray tanning my face?


- Once you're in the portable spray tanning booth, your spray tan expert will let you know when to take a deep breath, close your eyes, and be ready for the spraying to start.

11. Will I feel silly while spray tanning?


- You might, but it's normal. When your spray tanning pro gives your instructions, just try to follow them as best as you can, even if it does feel silly... Your perfect tan depends on it! lol

12. Will my tan stain my clothes and other things?


- It can, that's why we recommend wearing loose clothing that's also dark. Ideally, something you wouldn't mind staining. If you wear anything that's "tight", it could rub your new tan off. (Ex: tight high-top shoes, pants, etc..)

13. I just got my tan, it seems to dark. Will it stay this way?


- No, it's normal for your new tan to seem darker at first. Once you shower, you'll see the finished result looks great!

14. Can I wear perfume after my spray tan?


- Yes, but spray it on your clothes, not on your body.

15. It's my first time, can I go out after my tan?


- We would advise that you probably not make any big plans the day of your spray tan. Sometimes, clients decide to go home while the tan settles and hide their new tan.

16. When can I shower?


- We recommend you wait at least 6 to 8 hours, but have heard of some clients only waiting 4-5 and being fine. We still say, try and wait 6-8.

18. Will my spray tan stain my bed sheets?


- Yes, it very well could if you don't shower before bed. Especially if your sheets are white. We recommend you sleep on some old towels or old bed sheets just in case.

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