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The Dangers of Tanning Beds

Updated: Aug 2, 2018

You might be thinking your skin is looking a little on the pale side and like most people do one of a couple things. Some of us head to the beach, the park, or just lounge by the pool to get a tan and hopefully some nice color to their skin. Others will purchase their tan by going to their nearest tanning salon and laying on a tanning bed. Regardless of wether you buy your tan or hang outside to get it for free, it can have larger costs down the road. According to an article on anyone exposing themselves to the sun or the lamps of a tanning bed are exposing themselves to harmful ultra violet (UV) rays. These rays have been shown to cause damage to the skin cells and can lead to problems. Some tanning salons will tell you otherwise, but the truth of the matter is that the accumulative damage by UV radiation has been shown to cause premature skin aging. That means wrinkles come sooner, skin get loose, you’ll start to get spots on your skin and increasing the chances of skin cancer. Did you know that if you use a tanning bed before you’re 35, you increase the risk of melanoma by up to 75%. That’s scary. UV tanning can sound bad, and it should. However, there is much safer alternative to tanning beds. That method is the Spray Tan method. It’s a safe way to achieve that perfect looking tan without the dangers of UV radiation. Not only is it safer, but it’s faster as well. There are spray tanning salons all over, but there are those who prefer to have someone come to them. That’s were a mobile spray tanning service like is called. Being the leading experts in spray tanning and being mobile makes it easy, convenient, and safe to get a tan before your next event.


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